I can’t be sure if Reuters writers are inspired by this blog (because let’s face it, this is at least of Reuters standard if not more) but this was an entry I found from a Channelnewsasia site.

“When one local journalist with Reuters remarked that in other First World countries, voters would be offended by the “pork-barrel politics” of the upgrading carrot, Mr Lee said that sounded like “an ignorant voter, an ignorant WP candidate”.”

When in doubt, attack the voter, not the policy…I’m not sure how many would agree but I’m inclined to think the GOP and the Singapore Ruling Party are getting way too similar. Imagine:

“It’s un-American for Americans to suggest we withdraw troops from Iraq.”

“It’s ignorant for Singaporeans to suggest that they will be turned off by pork-barrel politics.”

Hmmmmmmm. Link here.


So, in spite of myself, I find it hard not to comment on the local politics scene here. Apparently, the PAP has not been returned to power on Nomination Day and now we are expecting to have a fight.

For those of you who are old enough to remember, let us join our hands in prayer to ask for an election that’s free of chikus, defamation lawsuits, abalone porridge and pork-barrel politics. Since we’re asking for the impossible, might I also suggest (dare I say it?)…world peace?

Politics. Love it and loathe it.

So, I was reading The Economist (yeah, that's what happens between finishing your exams and starting work) and there was an article about the state of politics in the USA (no, I will not be drawn into commenting on the upcoming elections in Singapore). There was a comment coming from Barack Obama, a senator who really drew a fair bit of respect based on his wit and from what little I know of him, so I'll reproduce what he said about the Democratic Party.

"You hear this constant refrain from our critics that Democrats don't stand for anything. That's really unfair. We do stand for anything."

Quite witty, if I might say so myself. 

So some people have made comments and allusions to the whole thing, so I've decided to come out and announce that yours truly is in the process of deciding between a couple of job offers. Not a big deal, but a nice resolution to everything. I'm thus able to actually follow up on some of the proposed rejection e-mails for companies, but I doubt I'll follow through. For now.

On the other hand, to all my fellow Singaporeans, do you feel that the quality of Maggi Mee has deteoriated (pardon the spelling) to the point of no return? For some reason, I remember that Maggi noodles used to have a texture that was much more bearable. They're now extremely plastic in taste and the curry powder also tastes severely watered down. This, in short, is why I go out for supper. So there.

My university platform sucks ass. We just gave a contract to some technology consulting firm to totally make over the whole system and after spending a few million, what does it do?

"<University student interface> is only accessible by undergraduate and graduate students."

Btw, I'm having this problem from the university. WTF.

On another note, I asked n investment banking friend of mine how things are at the office and his really quote-of-the-day SMS reply?

"Rape city what else is new"


So I’ve been bad and not updating. Right. Like anybody cares.

Anyway, in between running back and forth between interviews (trust me, completing 7 hours of interviews with 10 interviewers in a single day is no fun at all), reaching level 60 on World of Warcraft (yes I’d like to thank my father, my mother, etc etc) and watching episodes of ‘Drawn Together’ (it’s oh-so-wrong), I’m supposed to be prepping for my exams, so I best be on my way.

A quick literary reference on the Singapore politics scene. As quoted in the national daily on Friday by a senior member of <Ruling Party in Singapore>:

“The <Ruling Party> ward will get it earlier…the other side will get it sooner or later but it has to queue up. Not necessarily last, but certainly not first. You can’t be more equal than <Ruling Party> wards.”

Erm, is this a case of “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”?

…that in political science, a cleavage is “a social division which is politically relevant or salient”?

I couldn’t have put it better myself.